Friday, 21 December 2007

Its a Gingerbread house

A few days back I was wondering through the shops when I stumbled across a gingerbread house making kit. I actually ended up buying this kit..........What was I thinking!

Here I was thinking it would be a simple opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time in the kitchen while I & the kids had some fun decorating this house made of biscuit.
Well, it started like this:

1) Put the kids to bed

2) Quickly make the gingerbread dough.........C'mon Marcia, your too slow, the kids will be up soon!

3) Bake the dough....................Fine, I'm doing okay here !

4) Find somewhere to put the baked Gingerbread house pieces where the kids can't reach them.............First problem!...............They can reach pretty much every corner of the house now!

5) The kids are awake..................Panick!

So here I am with cooling racks spread over the entire house for the next week while I attempt to dry the gingerbread out just so I can construct my house.

1 Week Later

Now the kids are in bed & this time I have my mother here to try & speek things up a bit. I was hoping that we would be able to start & finish decorating this house in a matter of 1 hour. (You can tell I have never done this before)

Anyway, the first hour comes & goes & once again the kids are awake. Now its a case of trying to keep the triplets out of mischeif & putting them in a place where they can view the house being made without being able to reach it!

Well, we managed to fight the kids off for a good half hour before Jasmine ate a chunk out of the roof. Luckily it was easily hidden.

Now, its a week after the gingerbread house project first started & the house is finished. It was no where near as easy as I thought it would be. Firstly, I can't beleive it took one week for the ginger bread to be dry enough to use to construct.

I'll share a photo with you. You wouldn't beleive that I was actually holding the house together with chopsticks but managed to remove them for a split second for the photo.

We stored the gingerbread house on our kitchen table. It took less than a day for the triplets to collude & figure out a way to push a chair against the table & start taking the freckles off the house.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Santa Photo 2007

I thought I might share our 2007 Santa photo!
Thanks to the candy cane bribe we managed to get a photo with all three of them in the same frame as Santa. (Actually, I have to say the candy and Kinder Surprise worked a treat because its amazing how loud 3 toddlers could scream without it, more so, how quickly they become silenced when they saw it.
In all honesty, I am a bit disappointed that they wouldn't sit on Santa's knee but I didn't want to have to deal with an assault charge if one of my 3 punched Santa or one of his elves in the nose.
Funnily enough, I thought it would be as simple as just popping them on Santa's knee & quickly take the photo, crossing fingers they didn't cry again like they did last year.
It became pretty clear that once they were within 3 meters of Santa that there was know way we were getting 1 let alone 3 on his knee (arching backs, kicking, screaming etc)Anyway, yet again the kids set the ground rules that there had to be candy, kinder surprise & also balloons at the end of it & if we met all those conditions, then they would sit have the photo provided we were between them & Santa.

On a positive note I was well prepared for this little hiccup, so when I had to sit in the photo it was no dilemma.AND YES, that is Santa sneaking off his throne to get in the photo when the kids weren't looking

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Wrestle time with Joshua

In this series of photos is Joshua having a wrestle with Olivia. Poor Olivia was far from impressed.

Meanwhile Jasmine is keeping her distance as she is not keen to be Josh's next victim. If you look closely between the fridge & the wall you can see her feet as she backs herself away into a corner where she thinks she'll be safe.

The second photo is Olivia trying to get away, but no such luck; Josh is persuing her.

The third photo in the series was me breaking them up.

Jasmine on the rocking horse

Just another cute pic that I had to share. This one is Jasmine on our rocking horse. Unfortunately it's not often that she gets to use it as Joshua is terrified of horses for some reason, so 99% of the time the rocking horse is covered in the rumpus room (or sleeping according to the kids)...........That lucky horse. I wish I got that much sleep!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Cute kissing or just plain naughty?

Now isn't this the sort of thing you want to see everyday. Beleive me this was a one off & has been close to two years in the making. Usually its hair pulling & stealing toys, but I got lucky today & managed to steal a pic of Jasmine & Olivia having a kiss.....Oh how sweet!

Never mind that they are being naughty & getting in behind the TV. I think they were tugging at my heart strings for this photo thinking that a nice kiss would prevent me from dragging them out of there.............!!!!

Well, they were wrong, but of course I had to get a photo first.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

We've got a bike trailer

In this pic you can see Jasmine & Joshua in our new Croozer 535 bike trailer. Unfortunately it only seats two of them, so the third is usually seated on the back of my bike & there is usually a fight over that.

Keeping helmets on requres bit of effort. It seems we have a choice of three happy toddlers without a helmet or three screaming toddlers with a helmet. 90% of the time toys & food makes for fantastic bribes.

Monday, 12 March 2007

More mealtime mania

OH NO, what have we done!

Firstly we made the mistake of taking them out of their highchairs & now we can't get them back in them.

Secondly, they keep getting out of their chairs & running around at mealtimes........You can see from the pic here that we have had to start tying them down to their seats with stockings.

Thirdly, we gave them a spoon & their own bowl & look at the mess, its just atrocious.

Our maltese, Lily is loving it. For her it means a change from her once a day mealtime, as she is now fed 3 times a day, with her diet consisting of anything the kids eat (or don't eat)